Third Tuesday of the month, 6-8pm
4053 Shenandoah St. Louis 63110

EXCHANGE is a community exchange of needs, resources and connections. This is not a networking event, because those are mostly terrible. You are invited to my home for a 2-hour, low-key evening with water and snacks. Bring your own food and drink if you’d like.

Each event has 1 theme and 3 parts.

The theme might be “employment” or “food” or “health” or “St. Louis” or anything at all.

The three parts are as follows:

  1. We go around the circle and people can take a turn to share their need(s) (aligned with the theme of the evening). People might be seeking help with a recipe or a new job.
  2. After someone shares, the group can ask clarifying questions and offer resources that may benefit everyone, like a great recipe book or website or a job training program that everyone should know about.
  3. Then, there’s time for people to mingle, grab a snack, and make one-on-one connections, such as sharing information, links, leads.

Then repeat all 3 steps one more time, so there are 2 opportunities to share per evening.

Just remember:
– Everyone is welcome, every time.
– Everyone’s needs, resources and connections deserve respect.
– Each person participates however they want.

Do you want a monthly email the week before, reminding about the details and that month’s theme? Sign up here. Do you want to join a Facebook group to share links and resources and get notified? Sign up here.

Hope to see you there!