Third Tuesday of the month, 6-8pm
4053 Shenandoah St. Louis 63110

EXCHANGE is a community exchange of needs, resources and connections. This is not a networking event, because those are mostly terrible. You are invited to my home for a 2-hour, low-key evening with water and snacks. Bring your own food and drink if you’d like.

Each event has 1 theme and 3 parts.

The theme might be “employment” or “food” or “health” or “St. Louis” or anything at all.

The three parts are as follows:

  1. We go around the circle and people can take a turn to share their need(s) (aligned with the theme of the evening). People might be seeking help with a recipe or a new job.
  2. After someone shares, the group can ask clarifying questions and offer resources that may benefit everyone, like a great recipe book or website or a job training program that everyone should know about.
  3. Then, there’s time for people to mingle, grab a snack, and make one-on-one connections, such as sharing information, links, leads.

Then repeat all 3 steps one more time, so there are 2 opportunities to share per evening.

Just remember:
– Everyone is welcome, every time.
– Everyone’s needs, resources and connections deserve respect.
– Each person participates however they want.

Do you want a monthly email the week before, reminding about the details and that month’s theme? Sign up here. Do you want to join a Facebook group to share links and resources and get notified? Sign up here.

Hope to see you there!

June 20th, 2017 is our fourth event. This month’s theme is TOURIST IN YOUR OWN TOWN, so come ready with questions and/or tips about sightseeing in St. Louis, hosting guests, discovering hidden gems or revisiting classic places. Really, anything at all having to do with being a tourist in the St. Louis region!