Explore the efforts of a St. Louisan who values community, laughter and living life outside (plus a trillion other things, often even more important, but these are what I am currently working on that need space on the internet).


Hi! I’d probably like to meet you.

  • I’m 34. I have wild, curly hair. I have an awesome husband and a kickass dog.
  • I did not grow up in St. Louis but you will have to carry my cold, dead body out of here. So many amazing people with heart and grit! This place is chock full of great successes, immense challenges and so much potential. We have much work to do y’all, roll up those sleeves.

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Laughter Club

Laughter is SO good for you! My weekly laughter club practices laughter “yoga” – no stretching or posing, just giggling and breathing.

It’s fun and it’s great for your whole self. Invented by a medical doctor in 1995, laughter yoga is a revolutionary idea – simple and profound. An exercise routine, it is sweeping the world and is a complete well-being workout.

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EXCHANGE STL! is a community exchange of needs, resources and connections. This is not a networking event, because those are mostly terrible. You are invited to a 2-hour, low-key afternoon with water and snacks.

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