Laughter is SO good for you! My weekly laughter club practices laughter “yoga” – no stretching or posing, just giggling and breathing.

It’s fun and it’s great for your whole self. Invented by a medical doctor in 1995, laughter yoga is a revolutionary idea – simple and profound. An exercise routine, it is sweeping the world and is a complete well-being workout.

Two videos to give you an idea of what this all about:

Ted Talk (5 minutes)

BuzzFeed Test Friends (5 minutes)


Try It:

I am a certified laughter leader and my group meets every Thursday morning (right now it’s on Zoom) from 8-8:45am, typically it’s at Tower Grove Park’s Pool Pavilion (where the farmer’s markets are held). To sign up for a weekly Wednesday email reminder that has the Zoom link/info, click here. As always, all ages welcome, no experience, ability or equipment needed. It involves laughing, breathing, clapping and following basic instructions.

The concept of Laughter Yoga is based on the scientific research that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter – you get the same physiological and psychological benefits!

It’s a great core workout, it helps to get fresh oxygen to your body and brain, it boosts your mood and releases endorphins, it prevents the physical effects of stress, helps your immune system and it is FUN and a great way to connect to people.

Other Laughter in the Lou

Here are links to the other clubs that exist in St. Louis currently:

Meet with Jodi on Mondays at 12:30pm at 333 Bald Hill Rd in Eureka ($4 per class, $3 for Timbers members)

Meet with Marlene on Sundays at 4pm at Eliot Chapel in Kirkwood ($2 per class).

Meet with Kayla and Gayle on Mondays 6:30-7:30pm at the Ethical Society in Ladue.

If you are interested in participating in laughter yoga but can’t make these locations or times, let me know by emailing laughterinthelou@gmail.com!